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Unique Security Services

Are you looking for a career that makes the most of your life experience? Are you looking for variety where no two days are the same? Look no further than Unique Security Services - we are one of the India’s largest leading private security provider. We provide corporate security officers to a number of large, international as well as known private and Government organizations.


Industrial Services

USIS is in the business of putting people to work. That’s why our own employees are so important to the critical work we do. We strive to recruit motivated, talented people who are passionate about their work and passionate about our mission.


Staff for Manufacturing Industries

We often utilize Staffing’s services to hire internal placements for both contract and full time employees, this could range from helpers and welders to permanent senior level positions in engineering.The goal of our Staffing group is to place candidates in the right position that benefits both the client and the candidate.


Staff for Hospitality Industries

With its subtropical climate, naturally protected harbor, and spectacular beaches, most of Goa’s economic history has been based on tourism. Because Goa is a premier tourist destination, the hospitality industry is continuing to boom. Multiple hotels and high-end service industry jobs are hiring within these areas. For employers in this sector there is always concern of high turnover. There are a number of skilled workers in the area as well as other workers who have relocated here for a better opportunity.


Staff for Housekeeping

The duties of our housekeepers are probably the most important duties that take place on a daily basis. If the housekeeper has not done her job to expectations, we could lose business. Cleanliness is our most important endeavor second only to having a great attitude. Being courteous and friendly to our guests and other team members is the other piece to being a USIS team member.



Imagine a company in which achieving extraordinary results and having a stimulating work experience are part of the same process. We cultivate and embrace a diverse employee population. We recognize that people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives fuel our growth and enrich our global culture. We are looking for an individuals who enjoys working in a fast-paced, team oriented environment, likes to be challenged, and values the opportunity to make a difference.

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